Continuum - 0001

Following the ethos of 'continuous improvement' behind Kaizen we have looked to collaborate with friends and family of the store in an exercise of visuals. The series has been titled 'Continuum' to hopefull encourage a perpetual body of work which helps to showcase the product offered on the store while also allowing the improvement of skills from photography, styling, music and more. 

Continuum 0001 presents several of the items from the first two releases on Kaizen Store juxtaposed against a typical suburban railway. The interweaving of clothes and location has always held a revered role as demonstrated by the luster surrounding the fashion capitals of the world. (i.e. Paris, Tokyo, Milan, London, New York) The mundaneness of typical Australian suburbia helps to re-contextualize these older garments previously showcased in runways or luxury boutiques for the post modern customer. 

The Editorial features styling done by James Harden @trjamesharden, Photography by David Vu and featuring Jonathan Vu